Top 3 Rubiks Cube Timers

Top 3 Rubiks Cube Timers

A good Rubiks cube timer is easy to use and does not require buttons or awkward gestures. It will show your average session, and scramble times, as well as your personal top scores. Whether you are playing for fun or competing with friends, you will find a quality timer useful. These timers can help you keep track of how long you need to solve your Rubiks cube.

YJ Pocket Timer

The YJ Pocket Timer is a futuristic-looking cube-timer that fits in your pocket. It works by using an infrared sensor to detect your hands. The timer starts when your hands reach within four centimeters of its sides. The device can be recharged with two AAA batteries. It requires two AAA batteries (not included) and uses a 3.5mm connection port.

It comes with an advanced feature set that makes it the most useful tool for solving Rubik’s cubes. It has an automatic scramble generator and analyzes training data. It also has many useful features, including the ability to export solved puzzles into backup files. You can even transfer them from one device to another. You can also play the Rubik’s cube game with the app!


The csTimer rubiks-cube timer is a free, web-based app that allows you to time your solving sessions. The app has 6 buttons near the logo. Each button opens a function panel, such as the scramble panel or the list times panel. The app also allows you to use the bluetooth smart cube as an input device. Unlike other apps, the csTimer supports multiple cubes, including bluetooth-enabled ones.

This online Rubiks cube timer has a built-in scramble generator. It has an automatic averaging feature that lets you see your progress over time. You can even use the built-in solver to determine the shortest solution to your Rubiks cube. Whether you use a mouse or keyboard, the timer will adapt to your screen size and will show you a visual representation of your progress.

SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer

A SpeedStacks G4 Pro Rubik’s Cube Timer has just been released. Although it’s been the target of several negative reviews lately, it will have no effect on your cubing. This new timer comes with minor differences from previous versions. It has thumb pads for stacking cups. But it’s important to note that the new version is more expensive than its predecessor.

The G4 Pro Timer is compatible with both Gen 3 and 4 mats. Its precision timer has two operation modes: 2-Pad mode for stacking and 4-Pad mode for speed cubing. It also features a data port that connects to tournament displays. This timer also includes two AAA batteries for easy assembly. It also comes with a detachable Competition Timer, which is ideal for stacking competitions.

When buying a new Rubiks cube timer, make sure to consider its price. You don’t need hundreds of features to have a quality product. Instead, look for one that has a good balance of features, while being affordable for the average user. You won’t regret it. A new Rubiks Cube Timer will typically cost between $$$.

Red Crab Cube Timer

A Rubik’s cube timer is a must-have application for speed-solving the infamous puzzle. It helps professional puzzlers and amateurs keep track of the time taken to solve the cube. They are even used during championships. There are several types of online timers, so you’ll need to choose one that works on your device. Read on for the top three choices.

One type of cube timer is a stackmat timer. This type of timer simulates a competition by placing palms on the sides of the cube. Stackmat timers are also used in competitions. You’ll need to keep your palms on either side of the timer to stay within the time limit. If you’re trying to set a new world record, a timer is a must-have tool.

Another type of timer is a speedcube timer. This type of timer calculates the fastest time possible to solve the cube. It allows users to compete with one another by setting a new record or personal best. Some of these timers even allow you to play games with the cube by linking it to the timer. These timers are great tools to improve your speed and skill, and they’re free.