Cuemath Live Classes Provide An Effective Environment to Learn

Cuemath Live Classes Provide An Effective Environment to Learn

In recent days the teaching methods have been altered to cope with the changes that have occurred. After the introduction of a more advanced syllabus in the education system. In order to empower the students with practical knowledge along with their theoretical concepts. This is necessary for the students to have more practical knowledge to succeed in this competitive world. There are many online tutoring websites that are performing excellently in their teaching techniques. Among all Cuemath is one of the best online tutoring websites that have changed the opinions of many students towards maths. Cuemath live classes have a vision of completing the school’s math portions and also preparing the students to crack the Olympiad and other competitive exams. 

Influencing Factors About Cuemath Live Sessions

  • The cuemath live sessions include a 1:6 ratio format i.e each tutor is assigned with only 6 students which is fewer compared to the number of students present in each class in schools. Tutors can achieve good control over all the students. Which will help the tutors to provide individual attention for each student. And it gives the opportunity for the students to ask their doubts, and exchange their ideas and thoughts regarding the topic. 
  • They can schedule their online live classes depending on the availability of both students and tutors. Providing flexibility in login and logout timings.
  • Since students can attend their class from home. It reduces the pickup and drops to the tuition centers pressure for the parents. Students can feel a comfortable and friendly environment to learn. They can concentrate fully on listening to the teaching because there will be no friends physically sitting next to them to talk or to get distracted.
  • Online live classes provide the option of recording their live classes on their smartphones or on their laptops. So Students can listen to the classes whenever they get doubts about particular topics.
  • They are cost-effective programs. Which avoids the transportation expenses and also the material expenses. During offline classes, We can’t expect the teacher to interact with each individual student practically which is not possible. In online classes, the students can have direct conversations with the teachers.

About Coprime Numbers

The pair of numbers which have  1 as their highest common factor is called co-prime numbers. If we consider the P and Q are the pair of prime numbers with the highest common factor (HCF)=1 then these numbers are called co-prime numbers. Which can be represented as follows.

 HCF(P,Q) = 1

Example: find the factors 8 and 9.


  • Factors of 8 is 1,2,4,and 8
  • Factors of 9 is 1,3 and 9
  • On comparing the factors of both numbers 8 and 9 we will get the highest common factor is 1. H.C.F(8,9) = 1.

Properties of Co-prime Numbers

  1. Every number is co-prime with the number 1.
  2. Every prime number will be considered the co-prime number since the common factor between all the prime numbers is 1 and the number itself.
  3. The pair of even numbers cannot form the co-prime number.
  4. Any two consecutive numbers i.e the number which follows the other successively are the co-prime numbers eg;(1,2),(3,4),(5,6), etc.
  5. The numbers ending with 0 and 5 will not form the co-prime.
  6. The resultant values of adding and multiplying any co-prime numbers are also prime numbers eg;(1.2) are the co-prime numbers


                 1*2 = 2, here (2,3) also a co-prime numbers

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