Finding a Dog Boarding Kennel in Bangkok

Finding a Dog Boarding Kennel in Bangkok

When you travel to Bangkok, it is important to find a good dog boarding kennel for your beloved pet. Bangkok has many excellent animal hospitals and vets, as well as many good dog kennels. In fact, many pet boarding kennels are housed in animal hospitals, making them a reliable and affordable option. Before you bring your pet to a boarding kennel, make sure to get it vaccinated against rabies. It is a cheap and easy procedure to do at any veterinarian and is a legal requirement in Thailand.


Unleashed Bangkok is a new doggy daycare and boarding facility for Bangkok’s dogs. Unlike many boarding facilities, Unleashed Bangkok aims to create a home-like environment for your dog. The place features a dog swimming pool and a dog park for your dog to play in. The Englishwoman who runs the facility is dedicated to providing the best environment for your pup. She also insists that all dogs have full vaccination records before they are allowed to stay.

Most public parks in Bangkok are not safe for dogs, but you can take your dog to Ratchaprasong Reservoir, a man-made reservoir with a four-kilometer cycle and jogging trail. Dog owners can let their pets run around in the water, but you should be careful when walking around young children.

V.I.P Pet Hotel Bangkok

This luxury boarding and daycare hotel in Bangkok has 58 spacious rooms for your pet. Each room has glass doors to allow fresh air in and is climate-controlled for the comfort of your pet. They are also given plenty of exercise and play time every day. The hotel also offers grooming services for your furry friend.

This boarding and daycare facility has recently renovated rooms for dogs. They offer Standard, Deluxe, and VIP rooms. In addition, they have a grooming section, pet cafe, and a pool for your pets.

Pets’ Ville

When traveling to Bangkok, it is important to find a dog boarding facility that will provide both entertainment and care for your beloved pooch. Pets’ Ville is a great option for those who want to have their dog entertained during their stay in Bangkok. Located near the airport, this facility has a range of services and amenities for dogs.

Staff members separate dogs based on size and temperament. Dogs stay in either private rooms or in a common area so they’re not confined to a crate. Bangkok is a great city for dogs with plenty of green spaces and parks for them to play. The city also has several dog-friendly restaurants and bars. You can even take your dog for a run at Lumphini Park, one of the most popular dog parks in Bangkok.

Paradise 4 Paws

The Paradise 4 Paws dog kennel is not a typical kennel; instead, it is a luxury resort for your furry friend. Many pet owners wonder if they will have human accommodations at the resort, but yes, the Top Dog Suite has a full-size human futon bed, modern colors, and a sliding door.

This luxury indoor pet hotel has luxurious dog-boarding suites, a dog pool, and a dog spa. Grooming services are offered as well. Daily tuck-ins are included in your dog’s stay. Other benefits of staying at the Paradise 4 Paws dog hotel include a complimentary shuttle to the airport and discounted parking.

Lat Phrao

There are a number of hotels and pet boarding facilities in Bangkok. There were once few pet-friendly options, but now, there are several good places for your pet to stay while you’re away. Before you choose a boarding facility, you’ll want to make sure they accept dogs.

One of the most luxurious places to board a dog in Bangkok is the Pet Hotel. This hotel is a 5-star destination and offers 58 air-conditioned and climate-controlled rooms with views of the outside world. Your pet will enjoy the large playroom and exercise area. The hotel also offers grooming services.